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Zargara Vargas

✿ Appearance ✿

Zargara is a young girl,around 15 or so, with wavy dark gold-brown hair that is sometimes tied in a loose pony tail with a curl to the side and dark brown eyes. She bears a resemblance to Fem!N.Italy in the Nyotalia version of Hetalia.
She's often seen wearing baggy dark blue sweat pants and a loose gray sweater with 'HARVARD' written on it in bold dark blue print. Zargara is,time to time,seen wearing a plaid newsboy hat with a lavender button on it.
She's rather tall for her age.

✿ Personality ✿

A usually cheerful girl Zargara's personality varies a bit from the two Italy's.
Unlike Romano and Venziano, Zargara isn't much of a crybaby other than when she gets hurt or if someone yells at her loudly. Time to time she is seen acting a bit like Germany,mainly when the rest of the Allies and
Axis are causing hell. Zargara does have a fond love for oranges[i.e Sicilian oranges] and a rather
strong dislike for tomatos-other than the use of throwing them at Spain.
As a child Zargara was rather lazy and sweet and she hated Spain for unknown
reasons[most likely Romano's fault on that one.]. Also unlike her 'brothers' she isn't much of a flirt,although she does
love pasta and pizza. Like Spain she has a fondness for some Spanish food,
mainly quesidillas. She loves to hang out with Monacco, Seychelles, and Liechtenstein,
her best buds. She has a secret crush on Her long time friend, greece. One time she gets all the small countries together...sealand, Monacco, Seychelles, Northern Irealand, rep. Of Irealand, scotland, wales, and so on,
to a world meeting...which they were not invited to, causing mostly France and Britain
to get mad at her. It doesn't last long, especially France's.



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